That is all it takes!


We have a new primary extension in the back and beyond of the Govindpuri slums!

Sophiya and Israel were given the task of finding space and kids! Many may wonder why the need to add on a new primary centre. Once again it is all about comfort zones!

One could feel content with the 3 centres we had, they are running well and meet the numbers needed to satisfy those who help us and even get some kudos here and there. However in doing so, one negates the very principle and ethos of pwhy. One cannot forget that the mainstay of pwhy is to get communities to take on the responsibility of educating their children and to prove that not much is needed to do so. How can one forget the mind boggling figures that stare at us and mock us in this 60th year of independant India: 100 000 kids between 7 and 13 do not go to school , 76% SC students drop out of school... and many of those who make it, get paltry results.

Hence we decided to reach out to more children as the others seem to have settled.

S and I set out two weeks back to survey the vicinity of gali no 13 and to find space that would not be too costly. A tiny room was found and after a quick survey, classes began. In a matter of days the room was filled and the class moved on the terrace which could accommodate more children. Today, there are over 40 kids and many in the Q. A new centre was born @ the cost of 1000 rs/month, as the teachers were already part of the project!

A visit yesterday showed us beaming kids and proud teachers and proved once again that we were on the right path.