bags of hope


You may wonder why this silly pictures of plastic bags. Actually they are not just plastic bags. They are bags full of hope.

As I write this post they sit patiently under my ironing table, in the very corridor where one little bundle of joy ran blissfully pretending to be Krish just a few weeks away, charging themselves with the good energies that surround them.

In them is what is needed to begin a new life on a winter day: warm bedding, toiletries etc. In a short time they will bundled into a car and taken across the city to fetch their owner, the brave mother of a spirited child. For the past 8 months that woman has waged a lonely battle against the bottle and today she comes out of the rehab centre a little frightened but determined to begin a new life.

The bags will then travel to another part of the city and even cross a border to land in a happy place where hope abounds. waiting for her there is Durga born of a loveless union , who finally found a safe place. Mother and daughter will be reunited and will rediscover each other and make up for lost time.

In a few days a little man will join his two ladies and finally the little family will be reunited. he never gave up on them, even when all else did

As I watch these bags sitting patiently under the ungainly table, I wonder what would have happened if I had not held on to hope.

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