just what we feared

When we first heard of the ghaziabad ashram, it was at a gathering where the ashram was presented as a humanitarian project needing help. two visits were made by us on the pretext of cleaning, but in the hope of getting some of the girls to vindicate what I intuitively felt when I saw some pictures being projected on a bare wall at the aforesaid meet.

I knew that something was terribly wrong but also realised that we were faced by a sinister enemy. That is when we decided to seek the help of the media.

The rest is public knowledge now but I was still disturbed by the let us call it 'foreign' connection. As I set out to browse the net for some added information I came upon this page. At best it is a source of foreign funds for the baba and thus makes us wonder whether he has the required clearances, and at worst it is something more alarming as browsing the site is rather disquieting and makes us wonder if there is another side to the story. Look at the titles of their meets and you come upon themes like sexual magic, and journeys to the core of sensuality!

As I said this is the worst case scenario, maybe the trust lies somewhere in between. However what is important is that the unholy holy man is not set free and that we get at the bottom of the story. recent reports show that the man has garnered support and even threatening calls are being made to those who have offered to help the girls.

As many have said, there must be more such instances. We need to act in keep the pressure on. The man and his acolytes have to be booked.

To those of you who still have doubts, the ashram was worst than a concentration camp. The children lived in pure hell. If you still have doubts look at this picture:

this young mentally challenged girl was caught on camera on three different days weeks apart! She just sat in one place, amidst filth, as if time did not exist, locked in frozen immobility, maybe her way of protecting herself!

What we need to understand is that these are vulnerable and wounded kids whose testimony may still change because of fright and fear. Our role is to ensure that this do not happen!

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