Once you chose hope..


Once you choose hope, anything's possible said Christopher Reeve and he knew what it meant.

In the past few days many have written about the plight of the ghaziabad orphans. Most have expressed anger, outrage and their desire to help the girls and see the abuser punished. Some have expressed their helplessness and hopelessness. This post is for these very people.

When project why began I chose hope. And it has not let me down though sometimes it is a long time coming. It is hope that saw many broken heart repaired, it is hope guided us through our worst moments when all seemed lost, it is hope that led me to act when I first came to know about the girls despite the fact that many had failed.

Tomorrow another story of hope crosses an important milestone. Utpal's mom comes out of rehab and goes to very place where her daughter is now, a lovely NGO where she can learn many skills and prepare for her new life. And that is not all in a couple of weeks little Utpal will hoin them and the little family will be reunited.

All this because when I first saw Utpal at a time when everyone and everything had given up on him, I saw hope in his beautiful eyes, a hope I held on to..

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