a return courtesy call

A few days back we had made some courtesy calls, to find out about the well being of some of our children.

This morning, little Deepak made his return courtesy call. It was a very special moment for all of us. He came in his grand mom's arms but soon decide to show us all he could do with his brand new heart!

He pranced around, giggled and even marked his territory. Our thoughts went back to the days where we could see his tiny chest heaving as every breath he took was a almost Herculean effort.

As I watched him I wondered what would become of him in the years to come. I really cannot imagine as in spite of all odds a host of possibilities await him.

I can however visualise what would have happened if his surgery had not been done. He would have lived a few short years, heaving and panting till his tiny broken heart would have given up.
It took very little to make the difference, just a few caring hearts.

To all those of you who have helped us repair broken hearts a big thank you.