back with a bang

It is back with a bang. Nanhe's lost smile was there to greet us when we went visiting yesterday, reminding us that children have their own way of dealing with problems, ways that remain mysterious as Nanhe's battle is far from over.

But the feeling was short lived. His mother was still lost in her dream of getting a new kidney for her child and not willing to listen, let alone understand the enormity of the situation.

She was excited to share that she had found someone who had told her that were she to part with 10 000 rupees, things could be arranged. We were aghast as earlier she had told us that what was needed was 100 000 Rs. As she went on we realised that she had been caught in some network that runs deep in government run hospitals and feeds on gullible and desperate families. Lost in her own world she refused to listen when we tried to explain what a transplant meant. She just wanted to believe in what some doctor had told her and held on to those words as gospel truth.

We tried hard but were no match to the desperation and determination of a mother!

We all know that no organ transplant can be done in a paltry 10 000 Rs. At the same time we know that Nanhe's mom is not lying. Then what does this imbroglio conceal?

At best a new found way of feeding on a poor mother's desperation and then finding a cowardly way out when one has milked her dry. Or is it something darker and deeper. We cannot retreat into the wait and see option. Too much is at stake: the possibility of Nanhe's mom sinking into a debt trap, the risk of some sham surgery done on the child to appease the mother and justify the monies extracted...

We need to find out more.. after all it is all about Nanhe's smile