a matter of the kidney..

"Go buy a kidney for your son, it costs one hundred thousand rupees" were the words said almost casually to a desperate mother by a doctor of a leading government hospital. The son is our own Nanhe battling renal failure.I guess for the doctor it was a quick an easy way of getting rid of a annoying woman.

But this post is not about Nanhe. Many of us have been trying to shun the images of the little children of noida, massacred over the years our own Mr Hyde. As the story unfolds so does the horror makes us wonder what makes a so called human being lure children and kill them mercilessly. Why were only skulls found. What happened to the bodies. is this the work of a paedophile.

This morning a news item seemed to suggest that we may in the presence of a organ sale racket and that the children were used to that end. And as the enormity seeps in, it makes sense, terrible sense..

Wonder how many desperate parents and families are told each day to 'go buy a kidney' by doctors? We all know what desperation leads and are aware of market forces as these permeate any situation where a buck can be earned.

So poor children easily seduced by a treat or a handful of pennies seem easy targets. And another handful will take care of the law and order machinery. Poor parents are easily shunned off and the macabre game is on.

So do you tell nanhe's mom that the kidney that may save the life of her son has taken the life of another's mom's child? Or does one convince doctors to assess the implications of their words before they utter them?

I wonder