Love is an endless mystery

Love is an endless mystery, for it has nothing else to explain it, says a quote. And yet everyone is talking about love today.

Markets are replete with hearts and flowers. Mobile networks are jammed as SMS's are exchanged and love is in the air. The detractors are out too in the garb of religiosity having sadly forgotten that ours is the land where love has always been celebrated.

But love is not just a boy and girl affair as many may think. Love is the most beautiful gift man was given and is everywhere. I have found it in a child's trusting eyes or a grubby hand proffering a half eaten sweetmeat. I have seen it in the eyes of a mother whose silent prayer has been answered, I have experienced it in the touch of the hand of a disabled child shunned by all.

Love is that fleeting moment when two spirits acknowledge each other is an invisible embrace, that unsaid work that remains stuck in the throat but reaches the eyes, that unshed tear that refuses to flow and moistens the eyes.

Love is everywhere, but needs you to look with your heart as it is often invisible to the eye.