why ki tazaa khabar

why ki tazaa khabar is a new blog that saw the light of day on March 17th. The idea was mooted by the following words sent by a long time supporter: I find a major problem which is lack of information... my only problem is that I never get any information about that project. how that project is going on..how are kids in that project...did they do any progress..how is my contribution being helpful to them...how many teachers are there in the project etc etc.

Being one who has the tendency of easily slipping into comfort zones - i.e. taking for granted what goes on smoothly - this was a wake up call. I understand my friend's concern as once upon a time I did send out regular individual emails!

But as the project grew and so did everyday challenges, individual updates became rarer as I believed - maybe wrongly - that the blogs and updates on the site were adequate information.
Having decided right from the outset that I would not waste my funders money on heavy administrative structures, and having also chosen to employ only community people who were not savvy enough to write in English, I was left with little choice. I could have sent a mail explaining this but I just sank into a comfort zone.

The wake up call that landed in my inbox jolted me into the need of finding a viable solution that would dovetail into the why spirit and give a day-to-day account of what happens at pwhy.
The way out I hit upon was a blog in roman Hindi in the words of those who were directly involved with running pwhy. So why ki tazaa khabar will be rani and shamika's blog in their own words and will give all a different view of pwhy.

It is the first time shamirani - the name they chose - are setting out on such a venture and if you feel it is something hat needs to be encouraged please do drop a mail to