a precious heart

Her name means beautiful and Mahajavi is undoubtedly beautiful. She is just under one. She was born with a hole in her heart that needs fixing.

The youngest of 5 kids - though her mom looks like a kid herself - she has a right to live a full life but cannot unless her heart is fixed.

You guessed right, Mahajavi is our new inmate at heartfix hotel and we hope to be to fix her heart.

This is how she landed at project why.

Mahajavi is related to the two men who came by my home to do some work last week, probably part of a large plan of the God of Lesser Beings. An answer to a young mother's prayer or a reminder that in our land every little girl has a right to live? Who knows.

In Delhi little girls are precious even if many do not know it as yet. I read some chilling figures in a recent publication: 25 000 girls go missing every year in this very city. hence it is a matter of celebration that a poor family with 5 children is fighting for little Mahajavi. Before we met them, they had made innumerable visits to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and done what they could. It is divine justice that they found us. Now the ball is in our court and the game has to be won.

To some it may seem pointless to save such a life as they may wonder what her future would be. I chose to leave such souls to their wonderings. A simple glance at her eyes and at her young mother's eyes is sufficient to know that Mahajavi's life is as precious as any other little girl's. As so her future only time will tell..