smiles to die for

This is a sneak picture.. it was not a PTA day. Dharmendra had gone to Goyla to meet Utpal's school principal and while he was waiting for him, he managed to get a glimpse of Popples surreptitiously.

This picture will set to rest the minds of all the die hard Mr P fans who may think he is unhappy in school. This snap was taken post lunch on the way to rest time and the huge smiles on our little gang of three say it all.

It speaks volumes for the school as it opened its doors and heart to a child that fitted no mould and enabled him to find his place. Today Utpal has been promoted to the next class. He has his set of pals and is on the way of carving out his future on his own.

Kudos to this little braveheart who has fought many odds in his tiny life.