a dream come true

Sapna, a real dream come true..
She come to us almost five years ago and f you drop by this page, this is part of what you will read:

She is four, has delayed milestones, as she cannot walk or talk. She came to us about two months ago. Listening to her story left us all stunned beyond words. Sapna's father does not work. He is supposedly unwell, but spends his time gambling and abusing his wife. Sapna's grandmother has a small tea stall, and Sapna's mom, Bimla, spends her day washing the dirty utensils. At the end of the day, she gets some food, not always enough to feed Sapna and her small brother, let alone herself! We soon discovered that much of Sapna's delayed milestones were due to malnutrition and neglect. Sapna joined the early education programme, and with the help of Gaelle, our physio-therapist volunteer, she has slowly started catching up.

Since Sapna has learnt to walk, talk a little, make friends, play, interact and much more. And though we know that she will never lead a normal life, each achievement of hers is cause for celebration.

Imagine my surprise when while downloading the day's pictures to my camera I found this one. sapna having a whale of a time on the trampoline. To many it may seem innocuous as any 10 year old should be able to jump on a trampoline. But in sapna's case it is nothing short of a miracle..

I do not even want to begin to imagine what her life would have been had she not come to phwy - thanks to utpal's mom - . Sapna has never been liked by her father or her grandmother for whom sh is an impediment. Her mom does love her as mom's do but can do scant else. In a land where social support is nonexistent her life seems doomed as she grows into a young woman.

It is for the likes of Sapna that planet why becomes imperative as it would giver her a fulfilling life tailored to her needs. That is why I know it will happen one day..