picture perfect

This is not a painting or a touched up photograph. It is s snapshot of our 'class in a box' - a.k.a as our manav kalyan creche - and was taken by a visiting friend.

What makes this class so special is that it is the initiative of two barely literate slum housewives who decided to keep this class going even when we moved out of the area. As it is a little far away from our normal beat we tend to neglect it a bit but both Seema and Sarita run it with extreme efficiency.

Most of the decorations are made with recycled objects (such as toffee wrappers) and the little ones are even taught yoga. Though this may seem common place in 'our world', it is remarkable as Seema on her own initiative joined some craft and other courses to gain new skills.

A true story of empowerment and one that vindicates what we stand for.