only a matter a of degree

The recent imbroglio over the issuing of degrees to students of India's prime medical school is a tragic reminder of the prevailing state of affairs in this country. The drama recently enacted on the streets and in front of cameras had shades of both Kafka and Marx (Groucho of course)!

To any sane mind the one and only requisite for issuance of a degree would and should be successful completion of examinations. Well that is not quite so in a land named India. here this simple administrative formality becomes a complicated saga of ego clashes and almost childlike behaviour. I will not sign the degree if it has the signature of that person says one protagonist, while another quips: the other person will not sign. All this while students who have toiled hard against many odds wait in mute and horrified silence.

Then one the silence becomes deafening they take to the streets, strike and get the media attention which seems to have become one of the only ways to get things done. But it does not prove adequate as ultimately the Courts have to intervene and rap on the knuckles of all concerned. But the stubborn kids will not relent and the final outcome is a burlesque one: two degrees for one person signed by different people.

This is the sad state of affairs in our land where institutions have been hijacked by politicians and bureaucrats; where the judiciary has to be solicited at the drop of a hat to resolve petty problems; where innocents are held to ransom while over sized ego clash in infantile ways.