impromptu inauguration

Monday 15th October dawned as a crisp bright day. One that was to be very special. We were opening the Kamala Centre for women and children. It did not quite turn out the way we had planned as painters and plumbers had not finished their work and hence no guests were called.

But we did have our very special inauguration with the children and a friend. There were flowers, brightly painted doors and even a sign board. There were biscuits and toffees and the traditional coconut not to forget the welcome cups of tea.

Many children wore their idis, the new clothes they had got the previous day for Eid. Some even donned jewellery borrowed from their moms. Everyone looked special: Nico and jhunnu in their lovelysarees and the kids in their sparkling outfits. A big picture of Kamala was set out and a lamp lit by her grandchild Shamika. The moment was perfect.

The children then settled on the brand new mats and every one's name was registered. Then it was performance time as each child, even the tiniest stood up and sang a song, or recited a rhyme. There were film songs, patriotic songs and even religious ones. It was a joy to see the little faces eager and happy, coming together as one notwithstanding their creed or caste or state of origin.

Then it was lesson time as our dear friend Shankar who had come all the way from remote Gurgaon spoke about trees and nature gently guiding his rapt audience to the need to save and protect the environment. The children sat in silence, drinking in his words and asking questions that he lovingly answered.

It was soon time to go as much stilt needed to be done, but the children did not want to leave. They lingered on till one gently told them that school time was over.

Do click on the images below to share some Kodak moments of a perfect day.