in the name of a mother

It is the time of the year when in India we are meant to remember the dears ones that have left us and gone to another world. Normally people feed the poor or give alms; some have elaborate pujas (religious ceremonies). For a few years after the death of my parents I too made such offerings till the day I decided to break the mould and honour my parents in a different way. That is when project why began or rather the Trust in my father's name.

Somehow mama got forgotten: papa had always been the flamboyant one as mama perfected the art of being almost invisible.

But life has its own ways and for the past few months my world has been filled by a plethora of incredible women and their lives that led to the setting up of the why women centre. Somehow it seemed destined that I dedicate this centre to Kamala who was an incredible woman who today dares me to jump without a parachute and see whether I have the wings to fly.

The why women centre is my offering to a very special mother.