a prayer for an princess

V is a beautiful autistic girl. I knew her when she was just a child some 8 years ago when her shrill voice used to echo in my home when she and her parents came visiting. Her repetitive blabber and her endearing ways touched many a heart and I use to call her princess.

Then life took its turn and we lost touch though I often remembered the lovely child.

Yesterday her father called out of the blue and gave us the shocking news that V had a tumour and was to be operated upon this week. What was heart rendering was the love of this father, as he sat and leafed through the yellowed pages of his diary looking for the numbers of all those who at one time or another had touched V's life. His message was simple: pray for her!

V'a parent's are extraordinary. Both their children are autistic but they never let that come in the way of their love and pride. A beacon for all parents who have special children.