women in charge

Amidst friendly quipping about choice of room and placement of things interspersed with exclamations of delight and horror so typical of women notwithstanding their age, the final shifting to our new premises was completed yesterday.

Things settled and work began in earnest this under the oft exasperated eye of Dharmendra the sole man and coordinator of the project. Fans were bought and fixed, plumber and electrician called and long 'to do' lists made.

A persusal of the pictures in the picture gallery vindicate the initial reaction of the women now in charge of their lives but the potential is great and a few coat of paint and some repairs are all that is required to make this a very special centre.

Unconcerned by appearance a bunch of eager eyed kids arrived soon after wanting to know what was going on. When we told them that this would be a children centre they broke into huge smiles asking us when they could start coming. And in true pwhy style my answer was: now! The now was maybe a tad Pollyannaish but I know that in a day or so a simple mat and few books and toys will be sufficient to begin classes.

There are many creases that still need to be ironed, but it was heartwarming to see that even in this new place the children had adopted us and that was all we needed to know that this centre will be another blessed one.