surrender - a response to a troubling thought

As I walked away from the hospital ward where Utpal's mom lay sleeping unaware of the terrible ordeal that brought her there, many whys crowded my mind. I guess we humans sometimes forget that we are mere humans as we get swayed by illusions of grandeur and hubristic ways. And when our carefully crafted plans crumble like a house of cards in front of our eyes we are lost forgetting that what is, is always the best.

As I sat and tried to come to terms with what had happened, I decided to share my angst with those who knew little Utpal. Many responded with supportive words but what truly set my mind at rest and gave immense strength was a beautiful poem that simply said:


i have surrendered.

i don't make plans anymore.
and no sudden change disturbs.
i act out of my deepest desire
the petty ones've disappeared.
i don't count how much i have
it is strange how much's there.
i spend what i find in my wallet.
oddly, just enough in my purse.

feeding on meagre alms
what was once scarce
transforms to abundance
when i give imagination a chance
a particle is enough
to build the universe.

what if you did this too?

from soul search engine by al raines