Tommy can you hear me

Tommy can you hear me sang the Who in their famous rock opera way back in 1970! Soon we at project why will be singing Rinky, Saheda, Pooja can your hear us!

These three lovely hearing impaired girls who have been with us now for many years will soon be able to hear thanks to some very special friends in Germany!

They will be fitted with very sophisticated hearing aids that will allow them to hear the world and learn new experiences and above all be safe!

Rinky will be able to hear her clients at the beauty parlour where she works part-time and maybe get the raise she hopes. Her walk back home late in the evening will be less frightening. Saheeda will find it easier when she joins her beauty course in March and little Pooja may be able to learn much more before she decides what she wants to do in life!

Yesterday they audiometrist came for the first measurements and it was quite an experience: