dear to us are those who love us

Dear to us are those who love us. . .

but dearer are those who reject us as unworthy,
for they add another life;
they build a
heaven before us whereof we had not dreamed,
and thereby supply to us new p
out of the recesses of the spirit . . .
Ralph Waldo Emerson

These words reverberated in my mind this morning. Wonder why? Perhaps because the last week has been one of rejections. If you look for the word reject in the dictionary you come across this definition: dismiss as inadequate, inappropriate or not to one's taste.

It is easy to reject and people do it with ease. Special kids are not a worthy cause to defend, a carefully crafted dream is not to one's taste; ten years of a labour of love are inappropriate in a world where everything is coloured in dividends and returns; dreams and aspirations are inadequate as they remain intangible in our materialistic times. Today what is sought are quick and visible results.

I concede to the fact that in the world we have nurtured for almost a decade now, things take time and may seem elusive at first. A child who can barely hold her head at 5 needs years to walk her first step; one who cannot hear or speak has to muster strength from unknown depths to mouth her first intelligible sound; and the being rejected and scorned for years needs time to trust another again. But when they do walk, speak or trust it is nothing short of a miracle, one that was worth waiting for.

It is also true that the ones we fondly call our
special kids, often do not make a pretty picture. It is also true that no matter how much or how well they learn they will never be able to compete with their peers who are aid to be normal. True again that they are not a wise or sound investment. We simply cast them aside with a string of harsh or politically correct names: disabled, handicapped, challenged, differently abled.

If you have ever set your doubts and apprehensions aside and cared to enter the world of these
wonderful beings, you will soon see that the above attributes better describe us than them. They accept you with open hearts and huge smiles and without any judgment. They open their world to you without restrain. They are grateful fro whatever you give them and expect no more. But that is not all. They have a secret mission, one that maybe even they are not aware of: they compel you to look at yourself with honesty and courage. The moment you have dared to look into their eyes be prepared for a journey to the depth of your soul.

As a friend once told me, special kids are Angels sent to earth to show us what we truly are capable of. So blessed are the ones who are given the opportunity to care for such souls. They give us the courage to walk that extra mile, grit to carry on in the face of all adversities till we reach our goal and realise our dreams.

So as the rejections come our way, we need to see them as a boon and be grateful to those who
cast them as they alone will give us the impetus needed to defend the causes we hold dear to us
and build dreams no matter how impossible they seem.

Yes dear to us are those who love us. . . but dearer are those who reject us as unworthy,