Tiny pioneers

When one embarks on a new journey one is always a little scared and a tad nervous particularly if one is an adult and the journey is somewhat uncharted. It is not so with children. For them everything new is a thrilling adventure be it a walk to the nearby park or cruise around the world.

This indubitable yet oft forgotten truth was brought to the fore as I watched three of the little pioneers of our foster care cum scholarship programme have their first ever class with Andy Bhaiyya. If one needed any reassurance about the worth of this programme, a single look at these children was ample proof that we were on the right track.

Just a week back these little souls lived their run-of-the-mill existence. A few hours at project why and then back to their tiny homes where life was not easy particularly in the bitter cold. For little Babli it was even worse as she went to a school where no teacher ever taught and her dreams of becoming a police seemed thwarted with obsessive regularity.

So when we decided to give her this chance she grabbed it with both hands and her eagerness to do everything well was palpable as she took on the role of the elder in the tiny group. And while we are still planning and fine tuning matters, our little pioneers are already on the way, their hunger for knowledge reflected in their eager looks and trusting eyes.

God bless them and walk with them...