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When a few days back I sent out myriad of emails in all directions seeking help to salvage a dream that was threatening to melt away into oblivion I was overwhelmed with the words of support and encouragement I received. Among them was a poem of which I quote a few lines:

When the night is out
In full force
And darkness
Penetrates me to the source
When the mind is about to yield
To the fears of the flesh
When the storm rises up
From the gut
And uneasy beats the heart

I try to stand up
I try to spin a new yarn
Try to survive the moment
And vow to the bitter end -
I will make the river bend
I will make the mountain stoop
I will cover the sky with imagination
And uncover the face of You.

From Soul Search Engine Al Raines

The words gave me great solace and the courage to survive the moment and not give up. Days passed. Deals were renegotiated. Time was bought. We had barely 6o days to save our dream. Another desperate mail was sent once again.

How I wish I had 20/30 or the whole 80 lacs said one of the answers and I was moved to tears. I could not imagine what was to ensue. A day or two later another mail from my dear friend Abhigyan simply said Let's make a mailer on the book offer and send it out all our contacts. explaining your cause and also the offer.

Before I go further let me explain: Abhigyan wears many hats, and one of them is that of a publisher who recently launched his very own publishing house aptly named Undercover Utopia. Before I could catch my breath again another mail confirmed that the show was on the road,. Undecover Utopia had decided to save our dream by offering all the 4 books of their collection at half price and donating half of that to save pwhy's dream.

Words are inadequate to express what I feel. I believe that the only way to salute this beautiful gesture is to ensure it meets with complete success, not so much for the dream fulfilled, but because it is an expression of all that is good in our world, something we see so little of!

I could not end this post without mentioning the books on offer. I have read and enjoyed them all. However one of them - Soul Search Engine - has stirred my soul. Read it, it is unique and everyone's story and perhaps throws some insight into why there are some who dare walk the road less travelled.

Soul Search Engine ends with these words:
“Creation is a manifestation of the one’s many ideas… every idea one step away from being alone… The meaning is for us to discover. Creation is only a stimulus. All we have to do is respond. And respond well. Everything is a great question waiting for a great answer.” Al Raines (Soul Search Engine).

Treat yourself to a unique experience and help us save our dream.