For yesterday and all our tomorrows

“For yesterday and for all tomorrows, we dance the best we know” wrote Kate Seredy the well known children's author. And yesterday some of our children did just that. This year we did not have a regular new year bash so each section of pwhy decided to have their own party. The special section kids and the junior secondary ones who have adjacent classes organised an impromptu dance party.

Favourite tracks were selected on the music system by the in house DJ (shamika) and some drinks and eats were bough and then it was party time.

The all danced with gay abandon even those who cannot walk or those who cannot hear. They danced to proved they existed, they danced to show that they too had hopes and dreams. And for those few moments time stood still, all worries and problems were set aside and we all just danced for yesterday and all our tomorrows.