all about love

Yesterday was St Valentine's Day. Sadly it has been in the news for all the wrong reasons with moral brigades out to chastise lovebirds in the name of religion, culture and misplaced morality. Once again the media has had a field day defending the right to love and so on and as usual politicians and other have jumped in the fray and given their two penny bit.

It is true that St V's day is often equated to romantic love, but are there not other forms of love that need to be celebrated and extolled: the nurturing love of a parent, the affectionate love of a friend and above all unconditional love, the one that you give without expecting anything in return, the one that is often expressed in covert ways and furtive gestures. St V's is not simply about candy boxes and heart shaped cards, but about the most wonderful gift given to mankind: love.

A simple message from some dears friends dropped in my mail box. It simply said:
It's Feb 14th, and here in Europe it's Valentine's Day, a day when people show their love with flowers, chocolates, champagne, jewellery, etc. Instead of spending money on those things, we've decided to make an extra donation to Project Why, to share a little love with the beautiful children of pwhy. The words were not only touching but reflected the true meaning of days such as St V's.

To answer those who rabidly profess that St V's is against our culture and tradition one would like to say that any celebration of love cannot negate any values or heritage. The most one would concede is that it has been commercialised to the hilt but is that not what ails our times. On the flip side maybe it is not such an outrage to be reminded to show one's love for those we care for most and often take for granted or praise one that deserves to be acknowledged.

What makes me see red is the undue importance given to such a trivial issue be it by politicians, media or even supposedly educated citizens. What happens to the same troika when real aberrations take place be it the slaying of a girl child, the burning of a bride or simply the sight of a young child used as child labour by the family next door. I had to agree with a participant of one the innumerable love debates aired yesterday when he blamed the media for abetting the moral brigades simply by giving them the exposure they craved for.

Why can we not look at S V's day as one when flower sellers will sell a few more flowers and each one of us will remember to take a little time and salute those we care for and love.