A perfect birthday gift

Manu is coming home. He will be released from hospital tomorrow which happens to be my birthday. Could I have asked for a better gift!

He is still very ill and needs to be tended to and looked after but having him back at the foster care will mean seeing his lovely smile again and hear his voice.

For the past few days many the world over have prayed for this child of God and prayers do work even if some of us would want to think otherwise. In the hospital ward many thought of him as a blessed soul and he endeared himself to each and everyone around him, even the most taciturn nurse.

Manu is a very special soul. If not for him pwhy would not have seen the light of day. He taught me things about myself that I did not know and above all gave me the courage and determination to face each obstacle that came my way and overcome it. But the biggest lesson he taught me was that one should never judge anyone by his or her appearance and always believe that each one of us is a child of God who has come on this earth with a purpose.

May God bless Manu.