the reason why I was running.....

What kept me going so well yesterday wasn't only down to training. I kept reminding myself of the reason I was running, which was 'Anou and the women and kids at Project Why', and it gave strength to my legs to know that you were thinking of me.

These were the words written by an incredible woman who ran a 5 km race in Valencia just for us. She ran the race in 28 minutes and came 270 out of over 4000 runners. Irene started running late in life, when she was well above half a century and this was her first big race that and she ran it for us!

Irene and Andy came to project why for a short week last year and helped us rebuild the floor of our Okhla centre. Since then they have kept in touch and been regular donors to our cause. When Irene decided to run her race we truly thrilled. The creche children made a huge pink poster for her that said : Go Irene. And on the day of the race our thoughts were with her in spite of the thousands of miles that separated us.

When we saw her pictures we were overjoyed. It was really a special and precious moment. Over the past ten years pwhy has been helped and funded by heartwarming individual initiatives and that is what makes us unique. To some these may seem paltry and inconsequential but that is because they look with their eyes and not with their heart. We were terribly proud of Irene and cheered her with all our heart. You can even see her win the race here.