who we are

Manu is back home. Not quite healed but well on his way to full recovery though the road is still long. He came back home clutching a bunch of red roses given to him by his best friend and pal Prabin who had been by his side almost 24/7!

His road to recovery has been one of a kind. As he lay in his hospital ward almost moribund, many the world over prayed for him. Healers from the four corners of the world put him in a circle of love and held him there till the time we got news that he was out of danger.

Yesterday a mail dropped by informing me that a new blog had been created for Manu simply entitled: Manu destined to remind us who we are. I truly believe that a soul like Manu comes to this word with a real purpose. I know that if not for Manu there would have been no pwhy as we all know it. It is his plight that moved me to act. However for the past nine years I never truly delved on the purpose of a life like Manu's.

It is only today that I understand the miracle of his life. I remember my father telling me that if we were to look for God we would find him by looking deep in the eyes of the poorest of the poor but that one needed courage to do so. I remember the beggar woman of yore years who had thanked me for simply looking into her eyes. I remember being told that all human life was precious and needed to be celebrated. I also recall my total bewilderment and incomprehension at such moments as to any so called logical or Cartesian mind what meaning can a wretched life have? Perhaps the answer are in the words: remind us of who we are. Perhaps such lives get us to look deep into ourselves and discover things that we did not know and compel us to walk the road less traveled.