the grand tour

Our little foster care kids are home for their summer break. I went to fetch them at the boarding school and before we could leave I was given the grand tour!

This is my classroom said one, while the other tugged at my shirt with a come to my classroom. We went to each classroom and collected every one's summer home work. Then I was taken to the hostel and everyone showed their little bed. The bigger boys who share a room even showed us how they slept! The excitement was palpable, the smiles larger than life and you could see that all the kids loved their school. The ride back home was replete with stories. What was high on the agenda was the picnic at the amusement park and the water rides and the yummy ice cream.

I listened to my little slumpups and took in every word they said. It was intoxicating as it vindicated everything one had faced and fought for. Looking at them and listening to their happy babble made me realise that we were truly on track.