a day in the life of the women centre

After a long time I decided to spend a day, or let us say most of a day at the women centre. I just could not imagine that barely two years ago this place did not exist. What strikes you as you walk into the big yellow gate after having knocked at it and have someone open it for you, is a feeling of comfort and ease. It is a happy place where everyone seems to be comfortable and busy. Of course you do get your share of good whatever time of the day, but nothing more. Everyone just carries on with their task.

After a few minutes spent in the tiny office under the stairs, I decide to take a walk around the place. On the ground floor the sewing class is in full swing. A handful of ladies and young girls are busy with the chore given by the watchful teacher. No one looks up at you as they risk making a mistake. In the creche everyone is busy colouring and though you geat a big Good morning Maa'm, no one really looks up at you. The next door is closed. It is the beauty class and today is exam day. The subject bridal make up. The model one of our volunteers. They are not to be disturbed.

On the roof classes are going on but the holiday mood is palpable. Children are playing games or posing for the camera, something they all love doing. But there are some serious classes too and what never ceases to amaze me even after 9 years, is the way these exceptional kids can concentrate in spite of all the noise and hullabaloo around them.

As we walk back to the ground floor, the sewing class had ended and in the vacated place the little creche kids are having their dance session. Beaming smiles are all you need to know that all is well at the Kamala centre.

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