a buzz in the air

There is a buzz in the air. In a little town in Spain another book sale is organised by our dear friends Irene, Andy and Mike; in Singapore the Indian Women's Association organises and NGO Forum and project why is one of the featured organisations. The project is presented by our dear friend Kim Hoh who hates speaking in public and yet overcomes his distaste and gives a voice to the hopes and dreams of 800 children. A supporter launches a campaign that aims at setting up a library for project why. Our world our stories is a new initiative where you simply click to join the cause and we get a step closer to our library. Project why is in the air! Wow! Wonder what we did to deserve this.

I must confess that the past few weeks have been rather grim. News of donors pulling back recession oblige, delays in securing funds for our ambitious yet needed sustainability programme, and more of the same had made spirits sink low. And then just as I was trying to kick start myself again, project why was in the air. All these wonderful initiatives that made me once again believe that notwithstanding obstacles, hope prevailed and all would be well.

It let my thoughts travel back in time and as memories were resurrected I realised how over the years project why had survived and thrived thanks to the good will of people the world over who almost miraculously appeared when things looked dark and scary. It was almost as if the God of lesser beings was sending us messages in his own inimitable way. The messages were always subtle almost ethereal: a child sending her pocket money, someone giving up birthday gifts, another wedding presents, someone organising a bake sale.. small gestures of hope and love that make us believe in what we are doing and gives us the strength to carry on.