our incredible five

It was PTM time again. The reason for this PTM being so close to the previous one, was that the children are beginning their exams on the 14th and will be busy till early next month. As usual it was a pleasure to see them smiling and happy and full of stories to tell.

We spent some time sharing their world. It is amazing how easy it is to forget one's troubles and woes, albeit briefly, and revel in tales of missing shoes and stolen goodies. We of course could not resist adult pontificating about the virtues of sharing and the wisdom of looking after one's possessions. Adults will be adults! But all in all we did spend some quality time being kids again and thus recharged our own batteries. It was a wonderful moment. We left the children with ample goodies and lots of hugs.

The ride back was as always spent in silence. Moments like these are precious and rare and need to be savoured and enjoyed to the fullest. Yet slowly, the mind started traveling back and forth and images of what is, what could have been and what will perhaps be began spilling over. Each of these incredible kids could easily have been living a life of despair. Was not Babli the very little girl who barely three years ago sat on cart selling tobacco and biscuits? And Vicky the babe in arms in a family struggling to survive? And little Utpal would have easily been the scalded child begging at a street corner to pay for his parent's daily dose of hooch? yes all this could have happened had not the God of lesser beings decided otherwise and set his incredible miracle making machine to work. Angels of shade and hues appeared from across the universe and set to create the enabling conditions needed to transform the lives of these children. And in no time everything fell in place. Today these children are busy making up for lost time and reclaiming their lost childhood. And as for what tomorrow holds, only the God of lesser beings knows. All we can say is that anything is possible.

As these thoughts crowded my mind, my heart filled with a deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness to all those who made it all happen and above all to the God of lesser beings who has over the years always walked with us and shown us the way.

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