a special teacher's day

Yesterday was teacher's day. The children in the special section decided to celebrate it by becoming teachers. The pupils were Shamika, Prabin, Saraswati, Manikala and our sunshine girl Kiran. All the children turned up in their Sunday best and took their role very seriously. It did nit matter whether was written on the white board was nothing more than a scribble, or that the instructions given may have sounded like gibberish to many, the teacher's of the day took their task very seriously.

Questions were asked and students were encouraged and applauded. It was amazing to see how these very special kids had over time taken note of each and every gesture of their teachers and how well they were replicating them. At first glance when you see these children you may be tempted to write them off but give them a chance and you will see wonders. Watching them was fantastic and moving. How often we brush aside kids who do not look or act like us, not taking time to enter their world and try and understand them. Yesterday they entered our world and showed us how well they had grasped it albeit in their own way. Way to go kids!