for a few moments they dared to dream

Guess what? Father Xmas came to project why yesterday and met all the creche children and the special ed kids. I guess a little bird may have let the secret out as the children spent the morning trimming the tree and making beautiful decorations to welcome him. Every single child made something to hang on the tree. Little hands shapes were carefully cut out and embellished and each proudly bore the name of the child who had decorated crafted it. Once done the trees - yes one in the creche and one in the special section - looked beautiful and unique. They were the project why trees!

Then for while time hung heavy as everyone waited for Santa. Most of these children had never seen Santa albeit in picture books, and I wonder what image they had of him. You could see expectation in every pair of eyes, and perhaps a little apprehension. Kiran was the fist one to see him and ran to tell the others. Santa had come...

Then, believe it or not, time stood still as Santa brought his magic spell. There was nothing else in the building but Santa and the children and for those blessed moments every one dared to dream. It did not matter who you were, where you came from, where you would have to return once the spell was over, it did not matter if you were poor, or could not hear or walk, or whether you had spent long years roaming streets, Santa was there to make you believe that anything and everything was possible, you just had to hold on to your dream. Every child went to Santa and though no words were exchanged, hearts spoke. You see this was a time where everyone saw with their hearts.

Santa spent a long time with the project why children, giving cookies and sweets and above all love. Even Manu, who rarely bonds with anyone, had something special to share with Santa. But then it was time for Santa to leave and the spell would soon be broken. But I know that every child would carry the image of this wonderful Santa who came from far tell the children that dreams did come true. You just had to dare dream and hold on to them.
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This wonderful day was created by Lolita and Lukas. Lukas was a unique Santa who did not play the role, but was Santa for those special moments. Bless you both