Supercat is her email id and yet the name fits her like a glove. Cat a volunteer from Leeds leaves project why tomorrow after nine wonderful and fulfilling weeks. A slip of a girl, Cat is feisty and full of joie de vivre. But above all she is a young lady who knows the fox's secret and applies it to everything she does: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Cat landed one afternoon and walked into our hearts. Her warmth was infectious, and her smile heartwarming. I still remember sitting with her one evening as she quietly shared her future plans and being floored when she told us without much ado that she has decided to work in palliative care with the terminally ill. She believed with passion that they deserved love and care and had the right to die with dignity. Her words moved me and I wondered what made a young girl like her walk such an unlikely path. The answer was simple: she just saw with her heart.

At project why, Cat worked with the special kids and brought cheer and laughter into their lives. Everyone of them took to her and vied for her attention. Be it Anjali, Manu, Champa, Honey, Himanshu, Ankur, Anuraag or Shalini, they all loved their Cat Didi. But it is little Sohil that stole her heart and it is he who asked the question we all wanted to ask but did not quite have the courage to: Why are you leaving Cat Didi?

But I know she will be back, till then we will make do with memories of her and with saying booter instead of butter!