Martha who knows how to see with her heart..

Martha lives in Mexico City. She came to see us for a day and got touched by what I have oft called the magic of project why. Back in her country she thought of us and wrote these words I want to share with all. Maybe she more than anyone else, intuitively understood the true spirit of project why.

Why feel pity when you can feel hope?

Why stand by as a spectator when you can jump in and be a participant?
Why feel indignation when you can feel commitment?

Why conform when you can transform?

Project why was born to answer these questions. It was born out of a powerful desire to say no. No, I will not accept this as the way it is, as the way it has always been. No. I will not accept dispair as an unescapable reality. No. I will not be handed my destiny. I will have a say in writing my story, and the story of those around me.

But why try to change the world if it seems such an impossible task?

Maybe you should ask little Utpal, who survived devastating burns against all odds thanks to the help summoned by Project Why.

Or Heera, a young lady who has the hope to heal her heart and maybe live beyond her 16Th birthday.

Or Himanchu, who is learning to read, and write, and speak a new language, and dream of posibilities rather than obstacles.

We CAN change the world. But we have to do it one child at a time. And we are alreadyLink behind schedule.

Get your heart involved. Today.

Visit projectwhy and join this celebration of opportunity, life and future.

The answer is simple. LOVE. Pure. Raw. Undying love.

Martha Soler