In her bright blue....

In her bright blue and red dress little Radha sits with her friends waiting for the party to begin. Yes, once again it is young Yashu's birthday and once again her mom has decided to bring the two Indias together. For the past 5 years now, the children of the special section celebrate Yashu's birthday at Dilli Hath and for these children of a lesser God, it is a huge treat.

Come Saturday morning and all the special kids were on time, dressed in their nicest clothes. I must admit that my favourite was undoubtedly Radha's blue dress! It was soon time to go and everyone piled in the three wheelers. The excitement was palpable. They soon reached their destination and were greeted by their hosts: Yashu, her family and some of her friends. The part had begun. There were games and more games, each with its share of giggles and laughter. Time stood still as children of a lesser God played and frolicked with children of a better one! Differences were forgotten as lost and usurped childhoods were reclaimed.

In the middle of all the fun, Yashu's mom asked why Saheeda had not come. When she heard that she had left us she was stunned as Saheeda had been present at each and every birthday and her smile was one that no one could forget. And yet we all felt that she was there with us, in our hearts and smiling from the heaven's above.

Once the games over, it was time to cut the cake and hand over the birthday card the pwhy children had lovingly made for their special friend Yashu. Then everyone enjoyed the yummy cake. But all the running and jumping has whetted appetites and everyone was looking forward to lunch. Everyone opted for chowmein bar our pal Manu who insisted on Chole Bhatura. He then stuffed his mouth and almost choked after which he proclaimed that he would never eat chole again! Lunch over, Yashu handed over return gifts to her friends: jewels, and picture frames, there was something for everyone.

It was soon time to bid farewell. The special children clutched their gifts in their hands and carried the lovely memories of a very spacial day in their hearts.

Yashu may still not understand what a wonderful and precious gift she gives every year to this very special children. I know she will one day. God bless her.

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