off with their heads....

Off with their heads.. says the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Hide them away is what the Queen of Delhi has decreed for the beggars of Delhi during the Commonwealth Games. You cannot wish the dross away so you simply conceal them. Do read this article, it shows you the human horror of the CWG and gives some startling figures for all of us to ponder on: 3 million homeless after the games, 100 00 families displaced to beautify Delhi, 2000 children working as labour on CWG sites, 50 000 adult and 60 000 child beggars to be removed from the city for the 15 days of the games and parked in camps on the outskirts.

For good conscience, the state government does mumble that something will be done for the homeless after the games. Knowing the reality of things one can simply translate something and after into never!

Courtesy the games, families who have been living in the city for over a decade find their homes destroyed and are now squatting on pavements from where their children go to school. They fear further eviction as the games approach. Maybe they too will be parked outside the city for the duration of the Games just as the beggars in some insalubrious make shift camp and let loose again once the show is over.

The CWG Damocles sword been looming large on our heads for some time now. For some time we feared about our very own slums, but thank heaven's we managed to escape as we were not on the routes the visitors would grace. You see Delhi is only getting a selective make over. We were apprehensive about how the CWG would affect us and I did share my concern many times. Now it is a matter of months and one can already get the feel of what awaits us. I wonder whether we will be the ones shown off or the ones hidden under the tattered carpet.