a bit of cheer

A news item brought a bit of cheer. The headline was NGO brings in kids to fill stadia. Yippee! So the poor do come useful in the common wealth games, good that you did not banish or hide them all Madam CEO! Apparently this great idea came after a lot of brainstorming. And it is a double whammy as for the children, watching Indian and international athletes live in action is something that they will cherish throughout their lives but for the OC, giving them these complementary tickets has taken care of their biggest worry -- filling up empty seats.

How nice if this had been something the Organising Committee had thought of before. A few seats for the poor children would have been well appreciated. Anyway better late than never. I am sure the children will cherish this moment forever.

And there is more. Seeing all the athletes from small town India winning Gold Medals is heart warming as we all know the odds they have to face. And what about Geeta whose father fought will all village elders to ensure that his daughters follow their dream of wrestling! A real India story!

The Games are on... and one has not forgotten the terrible things that have preceded then. The Games are on ... with its share of blunders that happen every day and make our heckles rise. But our athletes do deserve our kudos as they are doing their very best. When then Games are finally over then it will time to ask all the questions that now lie in abeyance. Let us not forget that.