Manu a saintly soul pure as snow

19** - 2011

Manu left us this afternoon. I am devastated. It is as if a part of me has gone with him. I will never be whole again. Never will my mornings be the same as from tomorrow onwards the one who never failed to grant me as smile, even if he was in the worst of moods is no more. To me that smile was the reassurance I needed to carry on.

I know soon memories will come flooding as Manu has been part and parcel of the project why journey. But at this moment the hurt is to raw to be able to make that journey down memory lane. I will in the days to come.

Today I just want to say that this incredible spirit is the one that made me who I am today. The day I first set eyes on him, is the day when my life changed forever. I realised I had a mission and he was my motivation.

Many may never believe that one such as Manu held the destiny and dreams of many in custody. And yet if it was not for Manu pwhy would not have seen the light of day. It is because he came into my life and taught me to look with my heart that the rest happened: be it the child salvaged from the flames who now runs in the sun, or the fifteen little mended hearts, or the hundreds of children who pass their examinations every year.

Everyone lands on this planet with a purpose and a role to play. Even one who may seem hopeless and woebegone. Every child of God has a destiny to fulfill. And Manu was a true child of God.

Today the God of Lesser Beings decided to call Manu to his side. His spirit is now free. May he rest in peace.

We at pwhy are orphaned.