The magic of a celebration.

The show the project why children put up to celebrate Ram's Centenary and India's Independence was breathtaking in more ways than one. The passion of the children, the quality of the different items and the warmth of the audience made it a unique experience. The large community hall was packed and the foot tapping music and dance were appreciated by one an all. In this post I will try and share the magic of that day and invite you to enjoy it. So take your seat, relax and watch with your heart

The silent anthem performed by the special children of project why.

Bum Bum Bole performed by the primary boys of our Khader Centre.

If you are happy sing the tiny tots of Khader.

Jai Ho by our very special kids

The Khader senior boys recreate the magic of a song from Lagan

National Integration project why style

Vande mataram by the project why girls.

Chak de India, or should I say Chak de Project Why