celebrating gandhi jayanti

The children of our women centre celebrated Gandhi Jayanti in their own inimitable style. Boys and girls of all classes participated in the celebration. The children made posters and colourful models to show their vision of Gandhi. It was quite unique. Many kids thought that making things out of waste material was a way to actualise Gandhiji's teachings. Others felt it was respect for a clean and healthy environment. Yet others came up with models of solar cookers and flour mills propelled by wind. Each class had completed their presentation with utmost care. I loved the class VII model of an ideal city where everything was eco-friendly.

But my all time favourite was the little babyfoot (table football game) made out of a shoe box by the tiny kids of class III. It was perfectly made with little nets at the goal post.The little game actually worked! The bright little girls who had come up with the ideas were very proud of their creation and needless to say got a prize. A student of class IX had prepared a speech and delivered it with great aplomb. I was very impressed by the creativity of the children and very proud of them.

It was then time for a discussion about Gandhiji's teaching and I was really amazed by the maturity displayed by the children. They talked about kindness and compassion. About how the poor should be helped, about how violence should be avoided, about truth and integrity. As we talked the debate got widened and we touched upon subjects like education and the recent poverty figures of the planning commission. Every child however young was fully aware of the cost of things and the family budget, something we would not see in rich kids. They knew the price of everyday needs and how much their parents spent on rent and electricity. I was deeply moved as it showed once again how kids from poorer homes grow up faster than one would wish. These are the kids that have been let down by one and all, kids that deserve nothing but the best.