Gifts of love

A gift of love came our way lifting our sagging spirits a little. This one was truly bejeweled. Thousands of miles from the slums in which we work Kashmira a lovely lady with a huge heart sat day after day crafting some incredible pieces. With every pearl she threaded and every knot Kashmira tied she wove dreams for little children she had never met. Then one day when she thought she had sufficient jewels she decided to organise a sale urging all her friends to buy a piece reminding them that the proceeds would come to us. Yesterday a cheerful mail dropped in my mail box announcing her success. She had managed to collect quite a substantive amount and had mailed it to us. She added that this was to be an on going effort. Wow I was floored. It is easy to click an online donation option or even write a cheque but to spend your free time crafting gifts of love is rare and overwhelming.

We over the years have been privileged to be the recipients of many such efforts. Would you believe it if I told you that a kind soul from the UK spent his Xmas day or actually over 22 hours painting a mural for our tiny tots! It was a cold day - by Indian standards at least - and the building was empty and almost eerie. As early as 7 am, notwithstanding a late Xmas eve do, Gareth was in the building with his paint, his creativity and his big heart. To keep him company were his iPhone and a bottle of water. When we dropped by with some tea and cake, he had  sketched the mural. It would take him 22 long hours to finish painting it. But he did not go to bed, he wanted to see the little faces when they saw the, lion giraffe, elephant, hippos and other friendly creatures that adorn their wall. The children were a little awed at first but soon started recognising the different animals and shouting it their names. The 22 hours were worth every smile on the little faces. Gareth's gift of love was also a very special fund raiser.

Gareth and Kashmira are very special souls as they see with their hearts. It is thanks to and because of people like them that Project Why has been able to carry on despite many obstacles. It is because of people like them that miracles come our way when the night is at it darkest. This time we were able to save one of our early education programmes. They are like rays of sunshine on a dark day and compel us to believe that there is still hope in our world, no matter what it looks like. God bless them!