Where does it go

 This is an infinitesimal part of the lavish buffet of a New Year's eve party in a uppity club of our capital city. The copious fare was preceded by abundant snacks as is always the case. On the rare occasions I have attended such parties, I have never found the my way to the buffet as the snacks alone were plenty. I guess there are many like me. At best we peck at the food to please the hosts. I still remember an uber rich wedding dinner where the buffet was unending and offered every possible cuisine imaginable, even an omelet station! That was the first time I discovered visual indigestion. A simple walk along the buffet aimed at deciding what to partake ended in my inability to eat anything. I have long stopped gracing such occasions as I am one of the few I guess who can never forget the 5000+ children who die of malnutrition every day in our country. But that is my cross and I bear it alone.

The idea of this post was subsequent to a simple question I asked one of the club members: where does the left over food go as no one can tell me that there are no leftovers! The person looked at me blankly and mumbled an incomprehensible answer. I nagged him a bit and he promised me to find out. But I can guess where it goes: most probably into a bin! Have you ever asked yourselves where all the food left over from lavish parties goes? Maybe it time we should.