Way to go...and not to go..

In 2001 a child fell and died in a bore well in Tamil Nadu. The state government swung into action. A law was passed, the administration was on its toes and no bore well could be dug without permission and the bore had to be covered the same day! Moreover everyone worked in tandem rather then passing the buck. Policemen on beats alert the right authorities immediately and the boles/drains/pits are immediately covered. The result: no child has fallen to its death since that fateful day! This is the reality on the other side of the Vindyas.

On June 28th little Mahi feel in a deep bore well and was rescued too late. There was a hue and cry and India, as reported by newscasters, wanted answers and action. Everyone screamed that this should never happen again. Yet a day later another child died, and then another, and yet another! The outrage went unheard, at least this side of the Vindhyas. Why is it that simple rules cannot be followed. Even the Supreme Court decree of 2009 held no meaning. Open drains are the rule rather than the exceptions, and as of bore wells there seem to be 10 000 abandoned ones across the land. Does that mean that it will take 10 000 kids dying before the issue is resolved? And the question that begs to be asked is how come one state acts efficiently and not the rest of the country. A simple diktat on compulsory rain water harvesting in all homes, new and old, was/is the magic wand needed. Rain water harvesting = recharging of water table = shallow wells with tiny diameters = no child falling. There is a lesson for the CEO of our city where construction is booming. But I do not see the day dawn soon or ever. We need to pray for it hard. Will we ever learn. Only time will tell.