Petitioning the Lord with Prayer - Project Why 2014


A New Year has dawned and three precious days have flown by. Gosh how time flies, more so when you are old. When I was a child the time between one birthday and the other felt like eternity. Today you barely get used to writing the correct date on a cheque and you have write another!

2013 brought many changes in my life and in the life of project why. Ranjan's cancer brought to the fore that time is not eternal and also taught me that you can never take anything for granted. An unexpected occurrence can happen and make all your plans and dreams come tumbling down. It is then that you understand that the wise live life one day at a time. Lesson learnt for myself. However I am not alone. There is project why, and without any hubris I know that I have to think about its morrows.

This time I am not going to make highfalutin and grandiose plans that I am not able to fulfil. I am not going to make any plans at all. What I am going to do is Petition the Lord with Prayer in the name of two little boys who mean the world to me and who are in some way intrinsically connected to Project Why. The petition would go like this.

Dear Lord,

I humbly entrust the morrows of Project Why to you
I beseech you to show me the way forward
To tell me what I need to do to fulfil the dreams of the children entrusted to me
To secure the future of all those who have stood by me since the beginning
To give me the ability to take the right decisions
And the strength to implement them even if they are painful
As I know that every step I have taken
Every success that has come my way
Is only because You chose me to do so
And for that I am eternally grateful