Please be her voice

A six month old baby is fighting for her life in a hospital in a small town in India. Want to know why? She was RAPED by an acquaintance of her family in whose care she had been left. When I heard this news my blood ran called and my heart stopped. I could not begin to imagine what that baby girl went through. Better not go there as its is true gruesome and abhorrent. Six month old! How can anyone do such a monstrous crime. I cannot envision how such a horrific can act can be committed. A six month old is a little bundle of joy that trusts you implicitly and  needs to be loved, cared for and kept safe. May God be kind to that child and take her away from the barbarity of this world that she sadly encountered so early inner tiny life.

Too many questions come to mind. First of all the sickening realisation that if the man is given the minimum punishment under the existing laws it would be just even years. The perpetrator of course is  claiming his innocence and his family as always the case in child sexual abuse in India, is threatening the victim's family with dire consequences. In this case the victim is voiceless even if she survives and totally and utterly voiceless. I ask each one of us to become her voice.

I would also like to ask all the guardians of morality who revel in finding outrageous causes for rape such as the ways girl dress, or the fact that they carry mobile phones what this baby did wrong. Did she wear the wrong diaper or was playing with the wrong rattle. Maybe they will find something in order to protect the man: boys will be boys was what a politician said!

I am totally lost.