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We all want to be happy; the question is whether or not we achieve this goal. In a recent post Damyanti Biswas, an Indian writer based in Singapore and friend of Project Why, shares how a bunch of very special souls gave her an insight into how to find happiness. She writes: “These people know how to find happiness in the smallest of things, and if you spend some time with them, they’ll teach you, too. I felt much lighter for having spent some time with them.” She then goes on to ask, “What is the secret to happiness? Is it outside of you, or is it your choice?”

Is happiness as elusive as we think?

In a delightful and touching fable, The Little Prince, St Exupery gives us a formula to happiness: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. Happiness is only visible to the heart.”

Seeing with the heart is Project Why's maxim and over the years we have always abided by this rule. We go beyond definitions and mission statements to craft our own unique ways of looking at challenges and then surmounting the challenges.

When you are with the children time and space take on a different meaning.  As you share their laughter you forget the yesterdays and tomorrows and savour pure unadulterated joy as time stands still. But more than that you experience an under valued feeling: gratitude. The children of Project Why's special section symbolise gratitude; they are grateful to exist. And that is why there is not a single mean bone in their bodies.

To be truly happy, you have to be grateful, something we tend to be forget.

The secret of happiness lies both inside and outside of you. As you open the eyes of your heart and view every day events through your new eyes, your ability to be happy and joyful seem to increase by quantum leaps.

Happiness is in the smallest of things: in the smile of a child as she greets you; in the report card proudly presented by a child who had earlier failed; in the English poem recited with flair; in the first word uttered by a child who could not speak. The list is endless. You just have to know where to look.

At Project Why we are busy being grateful and thus happy.

How do YOU think gratitude and happiness are connected?

What is your personal experience?

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