Celebrating Project Why What have you celebrated this week #socialgood

Sometimes you do not have to look far to find things to celebrate. You simply have to look with your heart. I sometimes kick myself for not taking time to simply stop and savour things around me, more so because I'm blessed to have Project Why which is a constant source of celebration. This week I did just that by slowly browsing the pictures taken in the last seven days.

There was much to celebrate, from the birthday party of a young girl who has chosen to mark her special day year after year by giving a special treat to the students of our special section.

A treat indeed as the differently-abled children are taken to Dilli Haat and given the lunch of their choice not to forget the birthday cake. And there are return gifts, too. It is fun time when all differences are forgotten and it is just a bunch of old friends having fun together.

Let us shift gears and peek at the little ones. Silence please, kids at work. Some are creating,

while others are busy learning so that they can have a better future.

At the women centre, a bunch of ladies are busy learning how to operate computers.

These are women who would never have got this opportunity were it not for Project Why. They know this, and that's why there is absolute concentration and application. They're making up for lost time.  In another space young girls are busy studying as they too know that it is a matter of taking destiny in their own hands.

At the Okhla centre it is farewell and welcome time. We say goodbye to Eva, a volunteer from Germany who has been teaching spoken English to the staff and children of the centre and who was loved by one and all.

and welcome back to Alyssa, a volunteer from the US who has come back to Project Why to share her knowledge with our children. Thank you ladies. 

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and blessed. Life is a celebration provided you are willing to look with your heart.

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