What have you been grateful for this week? #socialgood

I am thankful to Damyanti for having  introduced me to Lexa's blog Celebrate the Small Things. 

For the past sixteen years I have been 'celebrating' the small and big joys of life. I run Project Why, an organization based in New Delhi, India, that reaches out to over 1000 slum children. It has been a joyful journey and one that has kept me busy being grateful.

Come March 1, Delhi gets into school exam mode. In privileged homes, there is silence, hovering parents, treats and motivation when needed. For Project Why kids, it is a different story. Homes for most project Why kids, are crowded and tiny, with small but blaring TVs and often abuses from a drunken father. No coffee for these students, no treats. 

Project Why takes on the role of parents during exams. We give all the support and encouragement we ca.

Watching them study and poring over textbooks, watching girls concentrate on their notebooks, and knowing that with our support all of them would not only clear their examinations but also do well and get a better shot at life ,makes the effort of the Project Why team worthwhile.

My gratitude to all Project Why teachers for their selfless and unstinting effort to make dreams come true.

Best of luck to my students for exams in 2016!

What have you been grateful for this week? What are exams like for children where you're at? 


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